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Fighting Disinformation

We are developing a process for identifying and fighting disinformation and offer trainings to help people effectively combat the falsehoods they encounter.

Fair District Maps

With the 2020 census data being finalized, Tennessee legislators will spend 2021redrawing our state legislative and congressional maps. We are working to make sure those maps are fair and not gerrymandered.

State Advocacy

We track bills during the TN legislative session and offer ways to counter bad legislation and support the good; hold our elected representatives accountable by birddogging, report cards, and other tactics; and support progressive electoral candidates.

Digital Communication

Indivisible Tennessee is a reputable progressive voice in Tennessee. Through our newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we voice our values loudly and (sometimes salty).

Access to Broadband

The internet should be a universal utility. Unfortunately, our TN state legislature has prevented municipalities from expanding outside their digital footprint. Indivisible TN is a member of the We Decide TN coalition.

Medicare for All

Indivisible TN is a member of the Tennessee Medicare For All Coalition, working to expand healthcare in Tennessee.

Rural Talk Radio

We have developed a process for participating in rural, conservative radio talk shows to bring in a progressive viewpoint and fight disinformation.

Get Out to Vote

Tennessee has one of the lowest rates of voter participation in the country. We want to change that by participating in voter registration drives. countering voter suppression laws, and deep canvassing on issues to get people energized.

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Indivisible is a National Organization with groups all across the United States, including Tennessee. Find a group in your area and get involved today!